Corporate Secretarial Services

Our Corporate Secretarial Services Area is a specialised division within Gooding Partners which helps clients by taking the stress out of corporate secretarial work. We provide advice and assistance to clients on corporate matters and perform these tasks on their behalf. We offer a broad range of corporate secretarial services for over 500 companies, 260 discretionary trusts and 60 unit trusts. Our clients range from single shareholder companies to public companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Corporate Secretarial Services for Companies:

  • Acting as the Registered Office of companies.
  • Preparation and maintenance of Statutory Registers.
  • Incorporations and deregistrations.
  • Changes to the State of incorporation of companies.
  • Registrations of registered foreign companies in Australia.
  • Annual and periodic statutory reporting requirements with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Stock Exchange Limited.
  • Changes to corporate structures.
  • Changes of company names.
  • Changes to company officers and company auditors, including appointments resignations, removals and changes to personal details.
  • Changes to share capital including allotments, transfers, redemptions, consolidations, reductions, conversions and share buy-backs.
  • Assistance with the conduct of statutory meetings of directors and shareholders of companies, including providing the documents to be sent out with the notice of meetings.
  • Preparation of minutes of directors and shareholders meetings.
  • Preparation of applications for extensions and approvals to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
  • The review of statutory records and advice and assistance in complying with statutory requirements.

Corporate Secretarial Services for Trusts:

  • Establishing discretionary and unit trusts.
  • Preparation and maintenance of unit registers.
  • Allotments and transfers of units.
  • changing trustees and trust deeds.


  • Business Names
    • Registering business names.
    • Cancellation of registrations.
    • Renewal of registrations and changes to details.
    • Transfers of registrations.
  • Stamp Duties
    • Attending to all stamp duty matters arising from purchases and sales and all other commercial transactions.
  • Searches
    • Conducting on-line searches of companies, officers and business names with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and state government agencies.
  • Titles
    • Conducting title searches at the Department of Land Information.